Keeper by Honey Bros is an eco-friendly, authentic and down to earth artisan honey & bee keeping company that controls and maintains their supply chain throughout the entire process, focused on quality products, produced by hand.


"We have over 1000 Hives located in some of the most beautiful, hidden areas of the North Island, New Zealand where independently and passionately collect, maintain and pack all our honey for you as natural as possible - as nature intended.

We love our land, our bees and care for our future so naturally we are passionate about what we do and aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible."

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Honey Bro's X Keeper

Honey Bros Beekeepers

A family run company..

Founded by brothers Daniel and Hugh Green, together with their father, John; Honey Bros has the ambition to provide the world with the pure and delicious taste of New Zealand. 

In the picturesque, rolling hills of Waverley, New Zealand, dense with Manuka  shrub, you’ll find the Honey Bros team working hard to bring you quality, untouched premium Manuka Honey. 

Sustainability is important to the team at Honey Bros.  We view our responsibility through three broad sustainability lenses: how we look after our people, how we participate in our communities, and how our activities impact the environment. Starting with our Beekeeping practices, all the way through to our glass packaging and compostable mailer bags, rest assured Honey Bros is committed to bringing you premium Manuka Honey with as minimal impact on the environment as possible.